Afolayan Stephen

Community Manager / Frontend Developer
November 28, 1995

About Candidate

As a passionate community organizer and manager with a background in computer science, I bring over a decade of experience in programming and community building to my work. I specialize in organizing communities around tech, entrepreneurship, and social causes, and I am a dedicated advocate for quality education. In my tech career, I have developed expertise in both back-end and front-end development, with a recent pivot to using React/React Native.


I have led several successful communities for over a decade, leveraging my skills in event planning, social media management, digital marketing, and communication to engage and inspire others. With a focus on collaboration, inclusivity, and meaningful impact, I strive to create spaces where diverse perspectives and ideas can thrive.


If you’re looking for a dynamic and experienced community organizer/manager with a passion for tech and social good, and a strong foundation in computer science, I would love to connect!




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